Health and wellbeing for your workforce

A healthy team is a productive team

Aisti Health is a digital service based on an intelligent data model that reduces presenteeism in the workplace. We believe that it is easier and more cost-effective to prevent health issues at work than to suffer from presenteeism or sudden sick leaves. Our mission is to provide individual paths towards a healthier work life.

Presenteeism is an invisible problem in the workplace. It refers to employees being unproductive due to physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Presenteeism can lead to a productivity deficit, quality and safety risks, and increased health risks. Solving this problem is challenging because the underlying causes are often hidden, and the reasons for presenteeism can be related to individuals, culture or work itself.

Our clinical experience and scientific research indicate that generic workplace well-being interventions are not effective. Instead, interventions need to be tailored to individuals and teams. Therefore, it is important to have a precise understanding of the problem being addressed and choose the appropriate path to improvement.

Aisti Health examines employees' resources from different perspectives

An energetic person has enough resources to do meaningful things


Inspiring culture makes conditions for motivating work possible


Motivational work produces results


Screen, intervene, monitor, repeat

Aisti Health handles data more intelligently and brings together employers, employees, and occupational health service providers. It provides visibility into individual and organizational workplace well-being risks and offers automated recommendations for improvements.

Aisti Health is an effective tool for assessing workplace well-being, prioritizing actions, conducting health check-ups, conducting workplace surveys, and supporting staff and management during times of change and leadership development.

Top expertise for your team

Aisti Health is based on strong clinical experience and has been validated in scientific research.

See the big picture

Aisti Health provides you with a clear overview of your employees' well-being. Our user-friendly digital service makes intelligent inferences through our data model.

Know where to focus first

Aisti Health's group report provides in-depth visibility into work, work environment, and employee well-being risks, stress factors, and resources, offering recommendations for improvement measures.

Support your employees

Aisti Health provides immediate personalised feedback and well-being progress tracking to give your employees the tools they need to proactively improve their health.

How to get started?

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Invite your team

We’ll invite your employees to do the Aisti Health assessment and support them along the way.

Track your wellbeing

We’ll help you dive deep into your team’s wellbeing with Aisti group-level reports.

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