Individual well-being plan improves work ability

Concern about burnout and mental health challenges is currently the most significant concern in employee well-being in many industries. Aisti Health has done scientific research and found out that when lifestyle coaching is based on individual needs it reduces the employees’ experience of depression and improves perceived work ability. It is important to be aware that mental health challenges can be influenced in companies by measures that support employee well-being when the root causes are known. 

Health checks are one of the ways to support an employee's well-being and promote health. Traditionally, health checks have been perceived as related to physical health, but today they focus equally on the examination of the mental resources of the employees. Aisti Health well-being service supports occupational health care in the health examinations to provide an additional view of lifestyle, workload as well as mental and social resources. Health checks often also include physical tests, such as laboratory tests. By utilizing this information, the healthcare professional can use the Aisti Health service to gain accurate 360° visibility into the employee's well-being and health.

360° visibility with health checks

Health examinations are used to assess the employees' state of health and their ability to work and function. Health checks are carried out in occupational health care based on the needs of the employer and the employee. They assess and support work ability, promote healthy lifestyles, assess the health impacts of work and provide information to protect against the risks of work.

At the time of each health examination, a personal health plan is made together with the employee. In the health plan the objectives important for health and work ability are documented and a concrete plan is made to achieve them, taking into account the resources of the worker. In addition, follow-up will be agreed.

According to Aisti Health data, people have the willingness to live according to the healthy lifestyle, but they do not have often enough strength and time to follow the routine. According to studies it is better to allocate time and energy to those well-being measures that best meet the individual needs.

Therefore, it is first important to know which area of well-being to focus on. When you improve the most critical area of well-being, this gives you the resources to expand the change to other areas as well. You also need to reserve enough time for a lifestyle change and the individual life situation must also be taken into account when making the plan. The core idea of the Aisti Health data model is to provide a clear definition of the state of well-being, which area to focus on initially and how to get resources for lifestyle changes.

Easy-to-use service for employees and health professionals

The Aisti Health service is easy to use for both the employee and the healthcare professional. The content and implementation of health examinations are defined in cooperation with health care professionals, the employer and employee representatives, taking into account the risks and regulations concerning the industry, workplace and work function. The health checks can be done, for example, for specific age groups or new employees or they can be the statutory health checks related to the risks of the job. The employee invited to the health check will initially receive an email with a link to the digital Aisti Health well-being service, which examines well-being in work communities on an exceptionally wide-ranging scale and covers the individual's lifestyle through nine different well-being themes. In addition to this, the employee may receive invitations to other tests.

When responding to the Aisti Health survey, the employee will immediately receive their own personal well-being report with recommendations. Aisti Health results and individual recommendations help the employee to think broadly about different areas of life, resource factors and areas for development. At the health examination appointment, the health care professional goes through the results of Aisti Health assessment and other tests and makes a concrete plan for improving health and well-being together with the employee. The employee's individual-level responses and results can only be seen by a designated occupational health nurse, doctor or psychologist who has been specifically authorized to do so.

Effective improvements with small steps

The employee has access to the Aisti Health service throughout the year, which allows the employee to take follow-up measurements at their own pace to monitor their own development towards better well-being. Many employers have ended up subscribing to the service for several years to ensure long-term monitoring and support for their employees. Effective lifestyle changes often take months and even years, so you need to proceed patiently and with small steps to make sustainable changes. The support of the employer and the entire work community is also important so that the employee has the resources and time to implement a personal well-being and health plan. The support of family and friends is also essential, because by working together, better results are achieved.

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