How to make long-lasting lifestyle changes

In autumn many people make a decision to take better care of themselves: more exercise, and sleep, healthier food and quality time with family and friends. However, after the initial enthusiasm, there is not always enough resources or time to make all planned changes, and many good intentions remain at the level of plans or experimentation. Problem is that there are often too many changes at the same time, not enough time reserved and impatience to achieve the goals immediately.

How to have energy to make a permanent lifestyle change? Since our time and resources are limited, we need to start by knowing which area of well-being to focus on. Each of us has our different needs and resources. When you initially focus on improving the most critical area of your well-being, this gives you the motivation and energy to extend your life change to other areas as well. 

By following a fitness program or a strict diet, well-being may not improve, but sufficient time is also needed for sleep, recovery, social relationships, and reflection on the values and meaning of life. Sometimes less training brings better result, and more food gives enough energy to exercise or stay in a good mood.

Aisti Health helps the employee on the path of well-being

Aisti Health Energetic Person assessment examines well-being extensively. In addition to exercise, nutrition and sleep, the assessment examines the individual's life situation in terms of work, finances, sense of purpose and relationships.  

Aisti well-being survey immediately provides a visually clear report with individual feedback on well-being and concrete tips for developing well-being. According to scientific studies understanding one's own resources and lifestyles and individual advice on how to develop well-being have been proven to motivate change. 

Aisti Health data model is based on extensive scientific well-being research with physical measurements, and recommendation algorithms have been created based on them. Assessment identifies strengths, risks and problems related to well-being. Similarly, individual recommendations have been created based on research data proving what kind of measures are promoting well-being. The recommendations are constantly improved as the amount of data increases.

Aisti Health as part of workplace’s well-being program

Aisti Health well-being assessment is part of the well-being program of many companies. Employees can monitor the development of their well-being by conducting a personal assessment as often as they want during the year. Based on this, it is easier to target activities that support well-being. Employees can log in to their Aisti account either on a computer or mobile phone and follow the development of their well-being and related recommendations from the dashboard.  

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