Help your team to find a path to better well-being and performance

Every employee and work community is unique. So are the changes that can make individuals and the workplaces healthier and happier. For most of us, it’s the small changes that can have the biggest impact on our well-being. But how do you find the right first step for you and your team?

Aisti Health well-being assessment examines employees' and workplace’s resources from different perspectives: energy level of employees, culture of the work community and motivational factors of the work.

An energetic person has enough resources to do meaningful things

Energetic Person assessment helps employees to evaluate their life from nine different angles. In addition to traditional well-being themes such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and recovery, the assessment examines the individual’s life situation in terms of mental health, relationships, health promotion, work, financial situation and sense of purpose. It is providing visibility to individual and work community well-being, but also providing individual recommendations to improve well-being.

This assessment suits well to the work communities that want to support their employees to have more energy and to reach better results. Customers use this assessment to get accurate data to better target measures and investments in employee well-being and to create well-being strategy.

Inspiring culture makes conditions for motivating work possible

The organization may also need to investigate further well-being and performance at work. In this case, Aisti assessment examines not only the individual's resources, but also the culture of the work community and the motivational factors of the work.

Aisti’s Inspiring Culture module explores leadership and interaction in the work community and the sense of purpose at work. Even the most energetic employee can become exhausted if the work community has leadership challenges or problems with employee interaction.

Similarly, it can be emotionally very consuming if the values of the workplace conflict with the employee's own values or the sense of purpose is lacking. At its best, the clear and inspiring sense of purpose gives the employees the mental strength that helps solving even the most difficult challenges.

Aisti Health assessment provides visibility into the situation of different teams. It is also seen whether the organisation's management team has sufficient resources to create an inspiring culture. Energetic, competent and committed leaders inspire and support the rest of the organization to achieve the goals.

Motivational work produces results

Aisti’s Motivational Work section explores the self-management skills and the employee's work ability. It also examines the smoothness of work, how work is organized and managed as well as working time and physical factors in work. Even the most inspiring work does not motivate if the workplace's practices and processes are confusing and complex, there is simply too much work, or the employee has not been sufficiently trained with the skills required for the job.

By combining Aisti Energetic Person, Inspiring Culture and Motivational Work modules, the assessment creates an in-depth overview of the work community's resources and performance. Smart data analytics is used to identify individual and work community well-being strengths and weaknesses and issues behind coping, engagement or motivation. In addition, the organisation will be provided with visibility into the productivity gap caused by well-being challenges, which can be translated into monetary value.

Aisti Health’s customers use this comprehensive assessment for different purposes: to develop employee well-being and engagement, to develop teams and leadership or to support teams during the changes or challenging times.

Do you want to know how much productivity in your work community could increase if employees were more energetic and resilient?

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