Efficient and effective workplace survey with Aisti Health service

Do you know how to get the most out of workplace surveys? The workplace survey assesses not only the significance of various factors for health, but also their significance in terms of work ability. A workplace survey is an activity that is the responsibility of the employer and it is carried out in cooperation with the occupational health care team. The role of occupational health care is strong in the implementation, so it is often forgotten that it is the employer's responsibility to collect sufficient initial data for the workplace survey on the workplace and work, as well as the risks of work and the resource factors of employees.

The more in-depth information on the health risks, stress factors and resources of work as well as the working environment and the work community can be collected, the better the survey results will be. Although the workplace survey includes an occupational health visit to the workplace and related observation, the data collected from the work community as initial data is very important.

The Aisti Health service has been successfully used as a tool in workplace surveys for a large number of companies and public organizations. The Aisti Health service can be used to create in-depth visibility into well-being risks and resources of the employees, work environment and work community. The visibility created by Aisti Health helps to expand the study to factors affecting work ability and to focus attention and measures on the right work ability risks.


Accurate visibility into the risks and resources of the work community

The Aisti Health service consists of three product modules: Energetic person, Inspiring culture and Motivating work. Combining these modules provides a comprehensive picture of the resources and challenges of the work community. With the help of smart data analytics, it is possible to identify individual and work community challenges behind coping, enjoyment or motivation. In addition, the organization is provided with visibility into the productivity gap caused by well-being challenges, which can be translated into euros.

The Aisti Health Energetic People section describes the challenges and strengths of well-being. Aisti Health's unique cluster model provides visual visibility into the distribution of personnel well-being and challenges. Risk and work ability screens in areas of anxiety, depression and burnout highlight hidden risks even before they are causing sick leaves. These analyses provide valuable information for assessing predictive work ability.

The Inspiring Culture report section creates visibility into leadership, interaction in the work community, and how meaningful the personnel feel about their work, the organization's strategy and goals. The report section of motivational work describes the level of self-management skills, work management and fluency, and the employee's work ability. At the same time, visibility into the personnel's job satisfaction is given. In addition, there is a possibility to study the physical factors of work, such as ergonomics and working hours. Depending on the industry, the study may also include sections with a special risk of illness if the work involves, for example, a risk of dust or solvent exposure.

An important section today is the assessment of the psycho social load of work. There are always two sides to the assessment of psycho social load: load factors and resource factors. It is not enough just to look at the harmful workload, but to look at the positive balancing factors as well.


Flexibility and adaptability according to customer needs

The advantage of the Aisti Health service is flexibility and adaptability. Company representatives and occupational health team members can freely choose what kind of groups and background factors they want visibility into. Typically, companies wants to see the distribution of risks and resources by units, locations, age or gender, but equally interesting and important may be the comparison by role, service years or people doing remote or hybrid work.

The Aisti Health report tells employers and occupational health team where the biggest challenges and resources lie and helps to direct the workplace survey to the most relevant risks. Because Aisti Health service provides employees with their own personal well-being report and recommendations, it is easier to motivate the staff to respond to the survey. In-depth and clearly structured basic knowledge helps to draw the right conclusions about the factors affecting the health and work ability and to create a targeted and effective action plan.

If necessary, the workplace survey can be supplemented with a directed workplace survey. The directed workplace survey provides an opportunity to study the hazards of the workplace in more detail, such as psycho social stress or chemical factors.


The service offers an easy way to track and update the plan

A workplace survey is always carried out at the beginning of occupational health cooperation or if there is a significant change in working conditions. Although workplace surveys are typically carried out every 3-5 years, many workplaces are currently undergoing changes so rapidly that they need to conduct workplace surveys more often. The advantage of the Aisti Health service is that the survey is easy to repeat and the service provides a clear comparison view of the previous survey, which makes it easier to evaluate the implementation and results of the action plan. The Aisti Health service is based on an annual license, and in a continuous model, the customer receives clear benefits.

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