Born out of the passion to unveil the previously unseen

Individual path to well-being

Changing your lifestyle can feel like a huge task that takes massive motivation. But does it have to?

The science tells us that people who are successful at changing their lifestyles for good actually say it's easier and more flexible that you'd think. So what's the secret to success? Focusing on the essential. It's finding the essential is that's the tricky part.

Our lives have become saturated with data and information about our health, sourced from trackers, screens and labs. While we get lots of pieces to the puzzle, we rarely we get the full picture of our wellbeing as a system. When we're able to see the big picture, previously unseen connections between different parts of our life are revealed. We can see how making small changes to one part of our life can lead to improvements in other areas, too. Finding and honing in on these connections is the secret to achieving maximum results with minimum output. There are endless options on where to start. Aisti takes a smarter look at data, coming up with personalized actionable insights that people and organizations can use on the journey to better health and wellbeing. And that's the heart and soul of Aisti Health.

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Story of Aisti

Aisti Health has strong roots in the Medical Centre Aava, where leading experts in medicine, psychology and well-being wanted to expand the traditional model of late-stage care to more holistic health and well-being. Aisti is based on scientific research and years of clinical experience. The service has been validated in cooperation with customers, well-being coaches and various health technology companies.

Intelligent data analytics is used to both identify individual well-being challenges and to guide individuals to improve their well-being using recommendation algorithms. Based on the data, we will be able to guide you in the best possible way towards a healthier and better life.

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Reliable health expertise

Aisti Health Oy is part of Aho Group, a Finnish family business active in the healthcare and travel sectors. Aisti Health has gathered a diverse team of well-being researchers and experts, data analysts and digital service developers to develop SaaS service and business model and scale the company.

The journey starts with Aisti.

We can't wait to see where it takes you.

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