Make health and wellbeing work

Help your team find a path to better health and wellbeing and learn to lead a fuller, more balanced life.

Goodbye reactive health, hello proactive occupational health and well-being

Aisti Health solves the problem of how to find the right preventive measures to improve workplace well-being.

Many of the biggest workplace well-being problems and the costs associated with them are completely avoidable by making small changes.

Aisti Health examines the resources and risks of employees and the workplace from various perspectives: employee health, organizational culture, and factors influencing work motivation.

The service identifies individual and organizational health and well-being resources and risks, as well as factors underlying resilience, commitment, or motivation. The service guides individuals and work communities in improving their health and well-being through intelligent personalized recommendations.

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Explore the Aisti Health service and discover your personalized path towards a healthier work life

Aisti Health handles data more intelligently. It connects the pieces of information and identifies risks, stress factors, and resources in a timely manner, and guides employees and companies towards a healthier work life and more productive work.

The digital Aisti Health service includes a comprehensive and versatile health and well-being assessment, an intelligent data model, and recommendations for improvement measures. Virtual coaching paths based on these recommendations are also available.

Information about work environment and employee well-being risks, stress factors, and resources

Innovative group-based analysis

Personalised advice and actions

Combining research and years of clinical expertise

Identify and support at-risk employees

Digital web-based solution

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